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Superior Cervical Spine Brace

The Anjon Bremer® Halo System is a brace that stabilizes the cervical spine to keep it immobilized, while also providing traction for patients who have had neck trauma or other neck-related issues. We always put patients first as reflected in the design. This medical device was created with the intention of not only improving comfort and function, but also providing a safe environment for healing.

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Proven Technology to Enhance Cervical Spine Stabilization

From Jacksonville, Florida, certified Orthotist, Ross Bremer, created the original Halo system. He was a specialist in the treatment of cervical neck injuries, and with his brother, Paul Bremer, they designed a cervical spine stabilization device that is both economical and easy to use. 

Since, then, while ownership has changed, the product’s foundation remains the same. With advancements and upgrades included, the foundation of this design, that has successfully continued to work for over three decades, remains in tact. 

Customers know exactly what they are getting with the Anjon Bremer® Halo System. First and foremost, patients are the driving force. This external cervical stabilization technology has been proven to be the best of its kind, redefining medical industry standards, and surpassing all other systems on the market. 

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The Bremer Halo System is the benchmark from which all other cervical external fixation devices are modeled.

External Cervical Fixation System

The Anjon Bremer® Halo System is a time-tested system, which provides cervical spine immobilization and therapeutic traction for treatment of patients with cervical trauma or other neck conditions.

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